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Here's another test ride review from Riders Domain.

He says he wouldn't sway anyone from getting one of these to use if you're just starting to ride... so me...

Usually he would say the smaller 125cc bikes you wouldn't be able to use those on the freeway.

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Had a chuckle when he mentioned the g310r's minimal body panels. In case of a driveway spill I won't be as heartbroken and my god are panels expensive to replace even though they're just pieces of plastic.
BMW says the G310R's maximum speed if 90 mph, but he didn't have a chance to try and hit that speed. I can imagine that you'll have to be a full throttle and on the last gear to hit that speed. Probably a lot of vibration too.
I wouldn't doubt that at all. Once it's over 80mph I'm a happy camper.. Won't really be racing these or anything like that so I'm not too worried. I wonder how long it takes to get to the top speed of 90mph though.
Fastest I would go is around 65 mph as that's the maximum speed on the highway; nobody wants traffic tickets. I don't think acceleration time really matters much on a small bike like this, at leas BMW hasn't released any official numbers yet and publications don't really seem to be timing it either.

wouldn't feel safe going 90mph anyways, it's already dodgy in a car so I wouldn't want to try it on a lightweight bike.
There are some places out here in the western U.S. where the speed limit is 80 mph. And drivers regularly exceed that on those stretches of Interstate. There's no way I'll be anywhere but the slow lane when I'm forced to use those roads.

But I've "tested" every bike I've ever owned out in the big empty places like highway 50 in Nevada. So I fully intend to see what the 310 will do, once I've given the motor a proper run-in. :grin2:
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I hope you have a GoPro strapped on when you do it ! Would love to get a glimpse of that whilst your on a "closed course" of course ;)
Highway 50 isn't a "closed course," but it's the next best thing. There are places where it's so straight and flat, you can almost see into the next time zone. And speaking from personal experience, some Nevada State Troopers can be remarkably tolerant. 0:)
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Canadian officers aren't as nice when it comes to speeding, speaking from experience. You're lucky to get a few of the nicer state troopers. Can't lane split here either, so most of the fun riding I'll do will be around those curvy bends at slower speeds.
Yea.. Ontario police have never been to kind with me when it came to speeding.. my drivers abstract has a record of that unfortunately. I don't think there's anywhere in Canada that can lane split.
It's kind of hard for Johnny Law to catch you unawares out on Highway 50. :laugh:


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Holy **** you really can see down for miles ! Definitely the wrong place for a game of hide and seek haha !
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