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Smaller Luggage Rack; Scorpion Muffler on DominatoR Header; Givi S250 Tool Box; Tusk Traverse Bags

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- I didn't like how the OEM luggage rack made my Mosko Moto Reckless 80 bags bow way outward and precluded using small set of bags like Tusk's Traverse. So I bought a smaller luggage rack via Amazon, link below, had it powder coated red, and installed it. Below is the result.


- The exhaust is my Scorpion muffler from Rally Raid adapted to the high and inside header pipe from the DominatoR (whose muffler was too loud for my tastes).

- The tool box mounted on the left side below the seat is the Givi S250 Tool Box mounted via an extra muffler mount I bought from DominatoR and some stainless steel brackets I bought from Amazon.

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Tire Wheel Plant Fuel tank Vehicle
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Looks like a pretty sweet setup!
It is, but...there's always a but, right? I was trying to use the Tusk Traverse (16L), the Mosko Moto Stinger 8L, and the Mosko Moto Gnome Tank bag (3.5L storage + 1.5L hydrapak) for the MABDR/PABDR that I start tomorrow, but the bags were stuffed too full. So I repacked everything, just 15.4 lbs since I'm hoteling, in just the two side bags (25L each = total 50L) of my Mosko Moto Reckless 80. This means the two side bags are only half full with 24L out of the 50L capacity. This makes for easy access and additional on things along the way if necessary. This also means I have the fuel/water holsters available on bottom rear of each bag holster, so I've included two empty fuel bottles and two empty water bottles (one of which is a purification by filtration bottle). I carry these empty until we see a need to add fuel or water. Notable is my decision to keep the back of my seat empty; this is the "beaver tail" as Mosko Moto calls it. Keeping it empty makes mounting and dismounting easier. I still like the Tusk Traverse and plan on using it for local rides. Pictures of the Mosko Moto side bags only configuration ready for the MABDR and PABDR tomorrow...

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Plant Vehicle

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Plant Vehicle

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Plant Vehicle
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Looks truly good JerryG... well except the "ultimate toolbox" holder which is NOT powder coated red o_O ......
That's why I hid it with the Mosko Moto bag. 😋
Anyway thank you very much for sharing your setup and best practices with the community!!!
Wow Scorpion muffler with the Dominator header is awesome. How’s the noise level? Same or louder than with the regular scorpion header?
I'm glad you asked; I meant to report the sound meter and subjective results. I did a Sound Check using the Sound Meter App on Pixel 6 Pro with phone sitting on passenger seat:
  • Full Scorpion at idle and at 10,000 RPM: 88 dB
  • Full DominatoR at idle and 10,000 RPM: 81 to 88 dB; avg 87 dB
  • Scorpion on DominatoR header at idle and 10,000 RPM: 38 to 88 dB; average 72 dB.

Despite their close readings, the full DominatoR seems much loader than the Full Scorpion to me. With the DominatoR installed, I immediately started thinking of my 310GS as "The Noisey BMW". At the Death Valley Noobs Rally, the DominatoR was noticeably louder than pretty much every bike there, most of those bikes were street legal dirt bikes. That's why I decided to try the Scorpion on the DominatoR header.

The Scorpion on DominatoR is noticeably quieter to me. However, it's quite loud during the 310's high RPM startup when the exhaust is cold. Once the exhaust is hot, it seals up and quiets down. With the exhaust hot and the RPMs back to normal idle, the bike seems like a normal street legal dirt bike. Still louder than most street bikes, but tolerable (except for 6:30 AM departures from my hotel yesterday). 🤯

It's still louder than any BMW I've ever owned or heard, so I still think of her, now affectionately, as "The Noisy BMW".

Note: The Scorpion does not fit the DominatoR header pipe, the diameters are slightly off. A mechanic friend of a friend found me a piece of pipe from which I made an adapter. That adapter fills the space between the Scorpion and the DominatoR, but only after I meticulously ground down the adaptor's outer diameter to fit inside the Scorpion and the DominatoR's outer diameter to fit inside the adapter. I did this using a bench grinding wheel. I didn't have to remove much material, just enough for a snug friction fit. Also, because the Scorpion is designed to be held on by springs, I had my friend weld a couple of bent washers on to the DominatoR header to hook the Scorpion's springs to.

Full Dominator...

Scorpion on DominatoR header...
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