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I think journalists are starting to test ride the g310r because I found this picture on instagram that was posted 2 days ago. Pretty sure dealerships don't put number stickers on the front fender. We could be seeing some reviews soon!

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That looks like life ! Definitely be on the lookout on youtube for review videos cause they're sure to be on the way.
I think those test bikes are in Europe. People there have been posting pictures of themselves on the g310r. It's going to be a while until they hit NA shores.
Even if it's in Europe it would still be nice to watch the review videos and what not.
I'm sure they'll come out sooner or later on youtube. Just need to wait and keep our eyes open.
There's still a chance that BMW is still testing them in North America but we'll only find out if they want us to find out or if someone 'happens' to spot them.
The bike paparazzi gotta be on point for us hopefully !
Army of bike without numbers! Maybe these are waiting to be shipped? Or they could be a batch of testers again.

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That has to be a fairly large testing event for those to all be for testing ! Hopefully they are for shipping though !
If they are testers then have a look into where journalists are going to test these and if you happen to live in that market then it means some discounted G310R's for you!
I actually really wonder what they do with these. Because technically they're considered used... so do they really just sell them back to people who want to buy a used one for a discounted price ?
No, those test bikes are generally scrapped and not sold to the public. Seems a waste but that's how it is in the industry. I'm sure someone out there would want a discounted g310r but BMW just won't do it.
On top of that, how would they justify who gets a discounted one. Especially when launching a bike, you can't just have a select 15-20 that you're willing to throw out there for anywhere under sticker price. Just doesn't make sense.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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