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Yesterday at about 10pm I was about to go to bed, but the weather was nice, and it is daylight almost until midnight here this time of year, so I hopped on the GS and set out for a gravel road that I know of about 45 minutes from where I live.

The road is built for logging and power lines, and is pretty well maintained, even though there are some rough sections with a lot of rocks that I wouldn't take a regular road bike over. Still, not real offroad, but perfect for the GS. The stretch of road with gravel is about 35 km, and speed was around 40-50 km/h. Saw 4 big moose, one of which ran on the road in front of me for a couple of hundred meters before tumbling into the woods. Also saw some sheep and a rabbit. Not another vehicle in sight.

The GS was really comfortable, the seat is good, and at moderate speeds the suspension works flawlessly. It was a good good time purring through the beautiful scenery on my new bike. This is going to be a good summer!


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