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Finally BMW`s long-awaited sub-500cc roadster jointly developed by TVS (an Indian company) and BMW Motorrad that’s destined for the city is here, in time for 2016. As some of you already know, it’s built in response to the KTM 390 Duke, Yamaha R3, Kawasaki Ninja 300, Mahindra Mojo and Honda’s CBR250R/CBR300, specifications and especially expected pricing batches it with these.

There’s been little valuable coverage on the G 310 R since its world reveal but here we have compiled some of its powerful points. So if you’re like many right now and still weighing out which bike in this segment you want, starting with these top 5 reasons will help you make that decision.

Feel free to comment below with other reasons you’ve discovered.


Standing out from the crowd is important when arriving late to a competitive segment. Fortunately BMW pulled through giving the G 310 R big bike design similar to what you'll find on the S1000RR.

The powerfully expressive design of the BMW G 310 R instantly reveals its agile, dynamic character, making a clear statement within its own segment. It has an unmistakable visual kinship with athletic family members such as the BMW S 1000 R. The small headlamp mask with striking headlamp, dynamically modelled fuel tank trim elements and characteristic roadster proportions with a striking front section and dynamic rear give the BMW G 310 R a mature presence on the road. Precisely sculpted surfaces define the dynamic side view. The compact, dynamic proportions and the short wheelbase promise fast changes of direction, while the high rear conveys a lightness that is suggestive of the bike's sporty genes. In spite of the clearly visible naked bike character of the BMW G 310 R, the side surfaces in body color create a closed silhouette in athletic style. High-end details such as a standard upside-down fork, quality materials, supplementary fittings and excellent workmanship are best-in-class within the segment, clearly underscoring the premium aspiration of the BMW G 310 R.

This may be the smallest capacity of all BMW’s currently on sale; and the smallest capacity BMW have built since the R24 of 1948, but the design of the modern roadster has been aimed at making the family connections to the BMW S1000R and R1200R in terms of the styling.

You only need to check out the side profile of the bike to see the clear evidence of the small bike, big design philosophy at work. The angular side panels are almost identical to those on the S1000R, the headlight and small shroud linking directly to that of the R1200R.
It’s not just the design of the bike BMW are clearly hoping will convey premium connotations, as the engineering also reflects the larger bikes in BMW's range. Rather than the typically weedy-looking conventional forks seen on so many small bikes the G310R gets an inverted fork, ABS as standard, four-piston brake caliper, and a tubular steel frame that stays on the beefy side of style.

Ease Of Use

Ease of use when appealing to a large audience when some of the competition has done that well is important. So far, reports are positive. As more riders get on we may see mixed feedback.

BMW clearly want this bike to appeal to as many potential customers as possible around the world, so are making a big deal of how easy the bike is to ride, how neutral the handling is and also points to design elements like the low seat height of just 785mm. Other accessory seat options are available too ranging from 760mm through to 815mm.

Designed to provide a relaxed seating position and ergonomics that can accommodate a wide range of rider sizes (seat height is 30.9 inches), BMW put emphasis on easy, safe operation and neutral, predictable handling. The G 310 R has a rigid tubular-steel frame, an upside-down fork and a long swingarm for added stability. A large LCD instrument panel provides a wide range of information to the rider.



Now to the exciting part. 313cc`s pushing 34hp and 21lb/ft combined with a low weight rating of 349 lbs should help in positioning performance well.

The centerpiece of the new BMW G 310 R is a completely newly developed 313 cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine with four valves and two overhead camshafts together with electronic fuel injection. The capacity of 313 cc results from a bore of 80 millimeters and a stroke of 62.1 millimeters.

The striking feature of the engine is its backward-tilted cylinder in open-deck design with the cylinder head turned by 180 degrees, making it possible to position the intake tract at the front, viewed in the direction of travel. With an output of 34 hp (25 kW) at 9,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 21 lb/ft (28 Nm) at 7,500 rpm, the engine of the new G 310 R is a very dynamic partner in conjunction with the low unladen weight of 349 lbs.



If you’ve seen riding pictures of the G310R, chances are you’ve taken notice of ergonomics, seeing how comfortable and relaxed the riding position can be.

The new G 310 R offers a markedly relaxed seating position for relaxed, stress-free and easy-going motorcycling. As is characteristic of BMW Motorrad, all switches and controls are easy to handle. Great importance was attached to simple and safe operation, taking into account the most diverse rider anatomies.

The new G 310 R banks with ultimate agility, yet always remains neutral and predictable. It masters lengthy bends and fast passages with directional stability, displaying athletic talent without any loss of comfort. Extremely compact and with a broad spectrum of ride responsiveness, ranging from comfortable to sporty and dynamic, the new G 310 R simply opens up a whole new world of experience in its segment.

Rigid tubular steel frame, upside-down fork and a long swingarm for a high degree of ride stability, precise steering response and sound handling. In terms of suspension, the new G 310 R has a torsionally stiff, highly robust tubular steel frame in grid structure with bolt-on rear frame. The front wheel suspension is taken care of by a solid upside-down fork while at the rear there is an aluminum swingarm in conjunction with a spring strut that is mounted on it directly.

Ride stress-free and relaxed through the streets with the G 310 R. Even in the big-city hustle and bustle, you'll ride with confidence thanks to the successful layout of all of the control elements. The ergonomic layout of the handlebars, footrest and control elements ensure a superb riding sensation. The G 310 R offers the right seat for all riders, providing stability. On any surface, the geometry and spring and damper tuning make it an agile city-hopper. Whether riding in heavy city traffic, commuting to work or just getting out of the city on the weekend, with the G 310 R you'll want to ride on!



Stopping power was given great attention. Brakes with great bite and Standard 2-channel ABS. See brake specifications quoted:

Like all BMW motorcycles, the new G 310 R is fitted with ABS as standard. It combines a powerful brake system with 2-channel ABS. At the front wheel, a single-disc brake with radially bolted 4-piston fixed caliper and a brake disc diameter of 300 millimetres ensures powerful and stable deceleration. At the rear, this function is performed by a 2-piston floating caliper in conjunction with a 240-millimetre brake disc. The G 310 R instrument cluster has a large liquid crystal display that offers excellent clarity and a wide range of information.

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Will be interesting to see what a pie chart looks like that shows the take rate of the G310R and its competition, and one over time as the market allows for momentum. Ease of use should play into that with some people coming from 250's, maybe even 100's.

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The body design makes it look like a larger cc bike and it's come a long way from the older models that looks like cafe racers. Could look a lot sportier with two separate headlights instead of one but I guess they could be saving that for the fully faired version.
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