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Sometimes, I wish I bought the 310 GS instead of the R, knowing now the kind of riding I want to do.

Of course, I'm loathe to ever go back on a major decision like a bike purchase, so instead, I'm bolting a bunch of stuff to a G310R to make it look and hopefully act more like a sport touring or adventure bike. Can I go through Amazon River crossings or the Gobi Desert or the Khyber Pass, or otherwise circumnavigate the globe?

Nope, but I can easily throw a few sets of clothes, some toiletries, and other essentials in there, enough to last at least a weekend, maybe up to week. I can ride a bit, hit up a National Park, go for a hike, ride some more, stop at a museum, eat lunch, ride some more, find a spot for dinner, bed down in a hotel. If the weather's nice, find a small dispersed campsite and just throw a bivy cover on over a sleeping bag and rough it. Do that for a while, and suddenly I've racked up a few hundred or a thousand or two thousand miles, and have great photos, awesome memories, and a story to tell.

Not all adventure needs to involve death defying risk - I've taken hostile fire in the Middle East and have had more close shaves with almost getting hit by cars at my law enforcement career than I care to count. Believe me, I'm good with a tame adventure once in a while. Sometimes, the only adventure you need is just a few days off, a small, light, easy bike for a beginning rider like me, and the desire to go someplace you've never been. Accessories can help you look the part, and also make life a little easier sometimes.

Since I bought the bike two months ago, I've racked up 1800 miles, and added:

1. Pro Grip gel grips to mitigate vibration
2. Cramp Buster to relieve the wrist
3. Kriega US-20 and 2 US-10's for quick trips
4. Puig Naked Windscreen, to help relieve some wind blast and also because it looks really awesome
5. OEM 310GS luggage rack, because those grab handles aren't really useful by themselves, why not replace them with something useful?
6. Givi Dolomiti 46L top case. To mount, I got the Givi 310GS specific SR5126 plate and the M8A adapter from Revzilla. The 46L is perfect for my Scorpion Drafter II pants, BMW Airshell jacket, and BMW boots. I can't fit a helmet if all that stuff is in there, but I can lock it with a cable. The 30 L is probably too small for all the gear, so I'm glad I took a risk on the 46.

Before the season is out, I want to do a multi day trip through the Rocky Mountains, just to prove to myself I can. As I improve, I'll likely upgrade to the new F750GS or even the R1200GS if I'm feeling frisky.

In the meantime, to carry more stuff and also balance the weight, I might get some side cases, such as the Hepco Becker ABS cases, or the Shad SH23. Doing research to find out what is best.

Thoughts? Questions, opinions?


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