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TVS 310 Manual

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I have been told that the TVS workshop manual is the same as our bikes.
Can anyone confirm this. If so put a link please.
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There used to be a link to it somewhere here. Try searching. The ones I’ve seen are good up to the 2021 changes to clutch and throttle by wire. May have been updated since.
here's a start : -
I'm a 310R owner doing 100% of my maintenance and repair work.

The TVS manual will not be the best solution for a beginner who needs accurate step by step instructions on all facets. This is due to differences between the Apache and the BMW in bodywork and many other details in the overall build.

The engines are identical. The TVS manual has everything the experienced individual needs. The torques, tolerances, etc. If you've maintained other bikes and vehicles, the TVS will likely satisfy you.

If you're brand new, probably source the bootleg copies of the BMW manual out there.
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