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Valve adjustment, shims, and timing....OH MY!

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I reviewed the threads, and it seems like the most recent valve adjustment thread was quite some time ago, so I decided to start a new one at the top of the list. A couple questions, and looking for advice. If any of my comments are incorrect, PLEASE comment and educate me.

It is my understanding the G310GS uses shim diameter 8.80mm (as opposed to the 8.90mm on other BMW models); please confirm. My "target" clearance will be 0.13m on the intake valves and 0.28mm on the exhaust valves. I've also heard fuel quality and carbon deposits can VASTLY influence these value clearances....but considering this bike was made for India, I wonder if this engine is as fickle. ???

My other plan is to change to an iridium plug (NGK LMARAI-8D).

Lastly, any advice for ensuring I do not mess up the timing when I remove the cams and begin moving the timing chain around?

Thank you for all your expertise on this topic.
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I also have the same doubts. Any updates on them?

From what I have searched, the measurement should be 8.8mm, as in other models that I found on this website Valve shim diameter 8.8mm thickness 2.40mm.
However, I haven't opened my engine yet to confirm this doubt.
About the iridium spark plug, some of my friends use it together with the K&N filter and the bike performs very well. It's worth the investment. The model they use is Lmar9ai-8 Ngk.
I hope we can help each other . Hugs from Brazil.
Sorry for any mistakes in my English.
To be clear, I <think> these shims are 8.80mm in diameter. BUT, you cannot choose the thickness until you check the clearance for each valve! The probability you have 4 different thickness shims is quite high.
Here are the specs and this is the fiche you are looking for. Once you have the fiche selected (maxbmw website or similar) you scroll down for what BMW calls "adjusting plates" and select the thickness you need for your adjustment.

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On the timing, I like to use a mark of some sort (Sharpie, paint, whatever) before I start disassembly. Dot on the chain precisely aligned to a dot on the tooth that link rests on, 2 or more places along the run. Similar idea on all sorts of parts as I work on all manner of engines. Sometimes color coded.
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Did you do this yet? Curious what you found on your clearances and what your mileage is.
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