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Hi All,

I've been browsing around the forum for a few weeks now, and just picked up a new G310r pearl white for my daughter last weekend from Motorcycles of Dulles. Been waiting for this bike for a year and MOD finally received them about two weeks ago. This bike is an upgrade from my daughter's Honda Grom starter bike. Now we can go on longer father-daughter rides to areas otherwise not suitable for the Grom, something both of us are really looking forward to.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take it out for about a 50 mile ride around the back roads of Northern Virginia. All I can say is, what a BLAST!!! Had so much fun riding this baby, I had a hard time coming back home. My ride is a BMW K1600 GTL, and coming off a 700+ pound beast to a light weight bike was too much fun. It handles impeccably and has a great amount of pep for a 313 cc bike. Gear shifting is as smooth as butter compared to my K1600. Did I have some challenges putting it into neutral like a few have posted? Sure I did. It's a new bike, but a slight release of the clutch in first or second while putting into neutral works perfectly. Not the least bit concerned.

Looking forward to adding on a few things once 3rd party vendors start releasing aftermarket parts.

Evotech levers
front and rear sliders
crash bar
center stand
small tank bag - any suggestions?
a good alarm system - any suggestions?
Custom Dynamics Break Light flasher

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