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Would you buy again

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I only have 3,600 mile on mine and I got stuck on the road 70 miles from home. It’s not charging. Still under warranty. When I get it fixed I worried it might do it again or something else.
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My own experience:
Bought it used (800 km) from the dealer.
At around 5000km was left stranded 3hours from home: dead battery not charging.
Called BMW assist, got it towed to the local dealer (this was on a sunday) took the bus back home.
The tech calls me back on monday : Battery and stator shot, no parts available in Canada...
A week later, tech calls me back : BMW told them to take the parts off an unsold bike.
2 and a half years later, still a happy owner, got 23 000 km on it now
Still love the bike, no intention of leaving it go.

This seems to be most peoples, on this and other forums, experience.
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No I would not buy again, the bike has not left me stranded but too many annoyances:
air filter access is ridiculous, bars are made of cheese alloy, no adjustment for rear brake height ,very expensive fork seals not covered by warranty, clutch & brake levers poor design.
A decent design poorly executed.
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A good question ... I've now had mine for 3 years.
Its not a bad bike [I still have it] - but plenty of teething problems & recalls.
And the [email protected] still won't start in the cold [ <10'C]
So overall, if I knew then, what I know now . NO .. I'd go Honda.
The overall BMW experience is no where like what I expected.
This small bike does nothing to enhance the bmw reputation - IMHO.
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I had the G310GS for 18 months.
It was great on the test ride and bought it straight away. I wanted to downsize from a GSXS1000. But I also ride a YZFR15 which I have owned for nearly 8 years and over 100,000km. I have no problems with low power.
It was summer whn I bought it. It was fine and had a lot of fun with it.
After a while, the areas where corners were cut started to show.
The stator failed on me at about 5000km and left me stranded. The BMW roadside assistance(which is subcontracted to other road side assistance companies) took 7 hours to get to me. Service was nice but man, that was a hassle.
I got tired of the strange gearing design. First gear is way too long and 6th is too short. Even if you change final ratio through sprokets, I didnt want to increase the revs at 110km more than what it was already running at stock.
After some perspective, the bike was not equiped compared to its rivals.

The experience has left me with a sour taste for the BMW brand. I moved over to the KTM 390 adventure. So far no issues. It was a far better equiped bike with better dynamics. I prefer the looks too. If the 390 adventure was available when I bought the bike, I would not have bought the BMW.
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I would definitely buy again.
No major issues (touch wood), all minor issues were dealt with by the dealer.
Service cost were always very reasonable and they always provided a loaner bike free of charge.
great value for money in my opinion.
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I would buy again without hesitation. This is due in part to me having a very short inseam and not many bikes fitting me, but I also enjoy riding it. I have had mine almost 2 years, 8000 miles. I have had no issues other than it not cold starting in temp less than 40f/4 celsius. I also have a an F700GS with windscreen and heated grips, so I have options at least. I have had no breakdowns or issues thus far and ride it pretty hard.
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I did buy again, my experience has been quite good with the G310's. I've owned a G310R to see what the platform was like, then grabbed a 2017 GS when they where finally launched. Only issue outside of normal maintenance/recalls was to replace the rear wheel cush damper rubbers as it was my introduction to off-road adventure riding. All up about 45,000 klms on those two bikes, and they where reliable and great fun.

Stator issues occur on all bikes regardless of make, I don't think that the numbers I have seen are disproportionate here. There is also the strong 3yr warranty and road assist for those times when it does not all go to plan.

That said there are plenty of other choices, I've tried the Honda CB500X, nice bike though a little bland. The servicing was more expensive and I could never come to terms with the reversed placement of the horn & indicator buttons. Test rode the Versys 300X, good bike too, hard seat and you have to rev the hell out of the nice little twin engine.
Don't put too much stock in the warranty, I found out the hard way that fork seals are not covered and are $75can each. Don't even think about labour costs and BMW doesn't make maintenance easy.
The alternator on my GS failed also after 1year/ 16,000kms and left me stranded. Not great considering the mileage but I keep in mind this is an inexpensive motorcycle that is still great value, capable and fun to ride and does have a lengthy warranty. If I wanted high quality/reliability I would have chosen a "manufactured in Japan" bike but the price would have been much more. I think that to a certain extent you do get what you pay for...
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I read all these stories about how long it took for a new alternator to come in . I dropped it of Tuesday and today is Friday and it’s done. I keep it as long as the warranty Is good and go from there. .
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I got it as my first bike, the main selling point for me was the comfortable seat and the 0% finance they where offering.

It made more sense to me to get a new bike with abs and a warranty for learning / commuting on than spend 2k less on an older bike with no warrenty.

Given the cost of the other new lams bikes, I'd probably buy it again in the same situation. I'm now looking at moving to a 700-800cc bike.
Good question.... Would I buy again.
Probably NO.
1st off... BMW got the styling absolutely spot on! It’s definitely a looker. Also the ride comfort and lightness are up there with the best. And of course you get to ride the BMW badge at a reasonably low cost. It’s good for light off-road stuff too.
I’m getting a bit frustrated at the buzzing engine if I try to cruise at 100kph+. It’s just not happy and a view in the rear view mirrors is just a memory! The engine sounds like a bag of nails and is not particularly fuel efficient. My 300cc Yamaha XMAX is a LOT quieter, as smooth as silk, a LOT faster AND does 40km/l as opposed to 33! So much for superior German Engineering!
Items like the air filter are CRIMINALLY difficult to get to. If you’re out in the middle of nowhere on a dusty trail and your filter gets clogged up, I pity you because you’ve got to take 1/2 the plastic off to get to it!
..... oh and the exhaust sound is bloody awful!
So sorry but NO.
If I knew 18 months ago what I know now, I’d buy a Honda CB500X. Not much difference in price. Smooth engine. 130kph all day. Bullet proof reliable.

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I got the BMW intending that it would see me out if it lasts as long as my last bike (20 years). However, having had an R for the day while the calipers were done on the GS I might be tempted to the R as getting on and off the GS can be a bit of a pantomime (and certainly will be when I'm loaded with camping gear in future). My upbringing prevents me mounting the bike Lone Ranger style and the need to lean the bike to the right in order to get the stand up is a poor design feature. The foot of the stand on the R is further from the ground when the bike is vertical for some reason so that is not required on the R.

The air filter may be a fiddle to reach but is well positioned - you'd have a job finding water deep enough to drown the motor whilst staying aboard. As regards off road capability I accept the plastic sumpguard as part of the building to a price (none of the problems such as charging etc can be excused by this though) and would quite happily replace it with an alloy one if I was using the bike on technical off road stuff.

However, for that use the design is flawed. Nobody designing a bike for serious off road use would have the brake pedal and the stand bracket hanging down below the sumpguard line to catch whilst sliding over rocks or logs.

At 90 or so mpg (Imperial) in general use and high seventies mpg on the motorway it is acceptably economical for me. At 8,000 miles the buzz in the bars at high speeds has all but disappeared, though it's still not quite possible to know if that car in the distance behind is a police car😊. I knew from a test ride that it would be busy on the motorway but that's how you get power from a small motor and I wear earplugs so it does not bother me.

I have no real interest in the big models (there's too many bikes in the garage to have room to negotiate sticky oot cylinders) but, to be frank, the main obstacle to a future BMW purchase would be the intransigence of the BMW organisation, from importer to dealer, over known issues and the questionable competence of my local dealer.
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As with PCV, the G310R in my case has 'known' problems that would be resolved by fairly modest changes. A decent battery will overcome poor starting if you cannot leave the bike on charge, for example. The alternator on my bike fails to keep the bike charged up properly too - when I plug in my charger after a ride, the voltage is never much above 12v. My BMW dealer is not great (BMW North Oxford), plays a straight bat and does not deviate from BMW Motorrad policy. Cold and clinical service out of tune with the friendly banter at get when I visit Blade Honda in Stratford. Shame. The G310R is the poor relation to the GS but I prefer it on the road which is why I bought one. (Plus it was not expensive - £3,500 for a pre-reg bike with warranty and recovery). It will be traded in soon against a Honda but only because that was the plan originally anyway. They are decent bikes for the money but could be so easily better.
Bought mine a couple of weeks ago. Before riding it I noticed that it was leaking fluid from the water pump pipe! Bike is ( just ) still under the 3 year warranty
and is still at the dealers. Not their fault, the dealers don't manufacture them but it does put a dampener on the bike for me........oh and she has had the sidestand/caliper recalls already done. Just
2,500 miles on the clock....hopefully doesn't indicate an expensive toy alert for future miles !!
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OK WirralBiker, I think / hope that by now we've got over the worst of these problems.!!
Mine is now over 3 years old and had allthe recalls yours has.
The only one I'm now waiting for is the regulator / rectifier / alternator problem.
Of course its now out of waranty and will be an expensive repair bill.
I have 3 observations here:

1- The known problems appeared when the bikes were still under warranty, and for most part were promptly corrected by BMW, under said warranty.

2- We have not heard of other problems than those already known of, for almost 2 years now. Most of the threads now relate to farkles ( silencers, seats, etc) or individual concerns.
(not being judgemental here).

3- We were buying a new design, built by a sub contractor, in a emerging ( but technically savvy) economy. I, for one, was realistic concerning potential teething problems. I gambled that BMW would stand behind its product and correct it in a timely mather. I would not have given this confidence to TVS by itself.

So yes, I'm very happy with my G310R, and would recommend it to a friend, who, like me, prefers a lightweight, great handling, and sufficiently powerful bike, for riding on secondary roads (no Interstates for boring). I'm keeping mine which has just gone out of warranty. and has had most of the known problems, except starter clutch. I just wish BMW was not so greedy with it's parts prices.

Maybe if the Yamaha MT-03 had been available I would have had a harder choice, but at the time I bought, coming from my Honda CBR250R, I have no regrets whatsoever !
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Excellent observations and I like to remind myself it is an inexpensive bike. There is no comparison in reliability (regardless of the name badge on the tank) in my mind with a " made in Japan " bike. I think whilst there are issues with the 310, you may find this in other non-Japanese bikes at that price point (perhaps Royal Enfield, KTM 390 etc.). It is an endearing, competent and interesting machine regardless and in my mind worth the heartache, at least for me whilst it is covered under the manufacturers warranty.
I would buy again,love the wee bike,it does the job....(y)

Changed the exhaust,K&N air filter,levers to shorties

Do a lot of runs with mates on bigger bikes & still grin every time I take it out:p
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