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Would you buy again

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I only have 3,600 mile on mine and I got stuck on the road 70 miles from home. It’s not charging. Still under warranty. When I get it fixed I worried it might do it again or something else.
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I'd buy a bigger GS (F850GS or R1250GS) and keep the G310GS ;)

One bike for the motorway, the other for the small roads...
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нет не купил бы второй раз... думаю как бы от этого побыстрее избавиться... где были мои глаза??
I bought my ‘22 used, first bike. Just took to my European Cycle Sports in Plano, TX for a 6K service, no complaints. Bike has performed well, no plans to buy another any time soon.
Try twisting the throttle wide open if it won't start on a cold day......worked for me.
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нет не купил бы второй раз... думаю как бы от этого побыстрее избавиться... где были мои глаза??
Sorry you feel that way
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1 year and 6000 miles later - So far so good. Im overall pleased with the purchase on my 2021 GS model. A simple, handsome design. Its been great for a novice rider like me. Some wind protection, handguards, and enduro style foot pegs round out my customizing.

Plentiful parts
Ease of maintenance
High production numbers means lots of information on repair, aftermarket parts, etc.
Fun and easy to ride

As other have mentioned - the high vibration engine at high rpm
The shift ratios are far from ideal
Not a 'long range' bike - 2-3 hours in the seat is all anyone can take.
Low performance - leave you hungry for more HP and torque.

The styling is great. If I was shopping all over again - the Honda CB500x would be hard to pass up. I was sold on the G310 GS styling - and did not know enough at the time to appreciate the advantage of a smoother engine.

That being said, I am happy and pleased with the purchase - $6400 out the door in December 2021.

I will almost certainly move to the R1250 GS or F850 GS.
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I love this bike, its the only BMW I would buy as all my pals who have the bigger ones spend tons of money on keeping them pristine, they have the money; I do not. Anyhow, yes I would buy again. If I buy another bike it would be a cruiser. I use the 310 for commuting, and back road romps. I drive it all year, in all weather. Run it pretty hard also. aside from letting it get blown over by wind, which is not its fault, this bike has no issues. Year two same as year one: at almost 20k miles no issues.
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Coming into another season, and debating what to do with ours, I asked myself this same question. And the answer is yes, if we needed a bike that was beginner friendly, I would absolutely buy it again. As a matter of fact, the tech college I teach Motorcycle Safety at just bought 4 of them after we used my wife's as a bit of a test (no students on it, just instructors).

It really is a pretty good bike, and we've had no trouble with it. Ours did have an alternator replacement before we purchased it, but it was a school bike for it's first year of life (not the one I'm at), and that isn't uncommon. Every bike we have has had stators replaced at about the same rate. The school near the dealership that uses them is pretty much exclusively BMW and has been since the G310 launched. They love them.

My wife is upgrading, and we've bounced back and forth between keeping it and trading it in. It's so cheap to own, and so much fun to ride, it really doesn't matter if we do.
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Only issue I have with the bike is that vary noisey motor. Great looking bike makes pretty good power for a little single just to loud for me
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